Bailey Pajela grew up in Texas. Art has always been a delight and passion of hers, and through the inspiration of family and a particularly wonderful teacher, she decided that Art could be her lifestyle. After earning a BFA in Studio Art at Baylor University, Bailey began making and teaching art. She continues teaching Highschool students in Frisco while making ceramic work, paintings, drawings, and prints.


I am highly sensitive and observant. Most artists are. This ability to sense the world around me drives a need to communicate my thoughts about it or create the thing that is missing.

My intuitive working processes, much like my journal entries,  have been integral in the relationship between the content of the work, myself, and my connection to the Lord.

In my 2D work I like to paint and draw gesturally, so that my hand in the artwork remains seen, keeping the mark-making loose and fresh. I explore themes of emotional intelligence, connectedness, suffering and beauty.

In my ceramic work, I explore the beauty and nature of ordinary moments by creating sacred vessels that transform the mundane through beauty. Beauty has the ability to create a ritual within otherwise forgettable moments. A morning cup of coffee, for example, is an unacknowledged ritual that many of us participate in. A handheld vessel that fits and warms your palms, while coloring your morning elevates the ordinary to sacred. Functional ceramics allow us to interact with the art, letting us participate and reflect its purpose as we too are sacred vessels.